Several issues threaten the well-being of our youths, such as : family violence, poverty, mental health problems, racism, etc. To help these young people thrive and reach their full potential, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Outaouais offers a variety of highly qualified mentoring programs. In order to help finance some programs, the organization is proud to announce the second edition of its annual fundraising campaign; “Mentoring a youth, one donation at a time”.

“Mentoring a youth, one donation at a time.” : What is that?

This year, as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters month, BBBS of the Outaouais is launching its annual fundraising campaign, titled “Mentoring a Youth, One Contribution at a Time.” This campaign aims to raise the sum of $ 10,000 to fund the traditional mentoring program for young people aged from 6 to 17 and the new program “Big Buddies”, open to those aged from 14 to  21 years old.

The campaign, which begins on September 6th and ends on the 30th of the same month, will allow the organization to effectively carry out its mission, which is to create inspiring and decisive mentoring relationships that reveal the potential of young people in the Outaouais region and equip them for the future.

How to support this initiative?

As part of this campaign, the organization invites generous donors to make a donation using the campaign form below. In the same vein, BBBSO will organize weekly BBQs, every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m,  at 203 rue Deveault. For any donation of $ 20 or more, donors will receive a tax receipt.

Become an ambassador!

Donors who wish to do so have the option of supporting the fundraising by creating a clot through the donation form, to encourage their loved ones to contribute to the fundraiser.