In the context of our ageing population, the involvement of elders in the community is an opportunity to which all social actors are invited. By empowering seniors to share their skills and experiences with young people, Grands Frères Grandes Soeurs de l’Outaouais (GFGSO) is enhancing the collective well-being of seniors and the vitality of their community.

By matching an elder of 60 years and over with a volunteer:

  • the elder will have the opportunity to engage with children in a learning process, in activities organized in schools;
  • offers seniors the opportunity to build relationships with children and adult volunteers in the region
  • provides opportunities to network with other volunteers and mentors
  • embodies flexible and adaptable programs.

We all have a role to play.

The program Between Generations provides an opportunity for seniors to play an important role in their communities while at the same time are provided activities on a regular basis with an adult volunteer.  Seniors will be paired will volunteers and will share their knowledge with children during social activities.  The recreational activities are conducted during the school year.  Activities during the summer months, will only involve seniors and the adult volunteers.

Using the model “between the generations”, volunteers and seniors are paired with children in the same school, once a month.  Volunteers and seniors are mentors to young students and participate in activities identified every week.

All activities are supervised by the staff at GFGSO and each participant will receive prior training, “Solid from the Start.”